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PW Sewage pump

    PW sludge pump Model Code:

    zj :6PWL sludge pump
    6-pump spit outlet diameter(mm)(divide by 25)
    P - impurity pump, W - sewage
    L - vertical

    range of application:

    PW ordinary type sludge pump can convey sewage,contains the suspended solid particles,long fiber materials and living waste water.The pump body use high quality cast iron material,medium temperature does not exceed 100 ℃.
    PWF pump anticorrosion sludge pump can transport acid, alkali or other corrosive sewage,widely used in chemical, petroleum, light industry, food, pharmaceutical, brewing, environmental protection and sewage treatment and other industries,pump body and flow components made of stainless steel (304),medium temperature does not exceed 100 ℃.


    Operating Conditions:


    Head: 8.5-48.5m;
    Motor power:4-30KW;
    rotate speed:960-2950r/min;
    Outlet diameter:φ65-φ100;
    Medium temperature:≤100℃。

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