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    1.The R&D technology of over-current components materials:

    The material of over-current components is a determinant to the service life of slurry pumps.The R&D technology mastered by our company is at the leading level in the industry.Compared A05 which generally used on the market today and the new material A08 developed by our company,wear-resisting degree of A08 has obviously improved.The assessment by Beijing Northern Yashi Assets Appraisal Co,.Ltd. show that Non-patented technology assessment value of “Pump wear resistant material A08” is 4.084 million yuan,and it belongs to the category of the new material.So our enterprise belongs to the industry with high-tech, high-growth and new materials.

    2.The manufacturing technology of wear-resisting (corrosion-resisting) valve:

    The wear-resisting (corrosion-resisting) valve produced by our company have applied for patents.After the texts all over the world,the service life lengthen 3-5 times than that of the ordinary valves.It fully recognized by the market.Through the assessment of Beijing Northern Yashi Assets Appraisal Co,.Ltd. the value is 5.3403 million yuan.

    In order to service customers better,and provide customers the products with the best cost performance, our company is committed to providing the following service:
    A.Pre-sale service:
    1.Provide free design and technology consulting of selection;
    2.Free on-site design and selection;
    3.Provide free technical documents;
    4.Free business visits to Shijiazhuang;(only Chinese mainland users.)
    B.sales services:
    1.Guarantee products with the best cost performance;(same quality and lowest price)
    2.Guarantee on time delivery;
    3.Guarantee parts supply,reasonable price and no optional price increase.
    C.after-sale service:
    1.Slurry pump host warranty is one year;
    2.Provide free on-site installation guide;
    3.Free training to equipment users and maintenance personnel;
    4.Branch office reserve related accessories,emergency needs served on-site in 24 hours;(only Chinese mainland users.)
    5.after-sale service 24-hour in place, does not solve the problem does not leave the scene.(only Chinese mainland users.)
    D.Our company over-current parts all adopt A05 material.
    After-sales service contact No.:
    +86 13833180239 Jingwei Zhen,Corporation after-sales service manager

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